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Let’s begin with a professional services definition

This is one business definition that will not leave you scratching your head. Professional services firms literally offer professional services that can span multiple industries, including legal, advertising professionals, architects, accountants, financial advisers, financial services, brokers, engineers, and consultants, among others. The pandemic has completely changed our traditional office work and inherently requiring new solutions to deal with the new way of work-life balance. Subsequently, technology has completely changed how professional services transact and do business, with mobile technology and cloud computing, professional services entities are being able to operate anywhere and everywhere in many different configurations, and it has made these industries much more competitive.

Transitioning to Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has significantly improved the productivity and customer service of many professional services firms. First came the convenience of good old little pagers, then came the mobile phone which provided instant access to calls while on the go.

As phones got smarter, they have become like our hand-held computer which enabled us to access emails and download documents on the run. Professionals and consultants must constantly stay in touch with their prospects and clients. Access to data and WFH type of work has become a necessity of everyday work life.

Moving to the Cloud

In addition to mobile technology, companies are making the shift to the cloud and realising the benefits. With less need for infrastructure, companies can downsize their office space and reimagine how that space is used. They have defined, predictable costs for cloud services that help them cut costs, streamline processes, and better manage their budgets.

As companies cut their costs, the fees are more affordable. The cloud also allows them to stay secure with updated software, get the latest forms via apps, and tap online resources. Backups can be stored in the cloud as well and restored quickly. For small and medium businesses, this is great news because they can be more competitive.

You’ve been working in the cloud for some time and might not realise it as many of the third-party applications you are using on daily basis, are likely SaaS which are typically cloud services.

Cloud security continues to be a big issue for professional services as with other industries. While the cloud has made it easier to obtain an e-signature for a contract or allowed consultants to collaborate through shared files, software needs to be regularly updated and cybersecurity measures put in place.

Cyberpoint has extensive and broad experience working with professional services firms and understands the IT issues for these industries. We know you need to stay in touch with your clients and your technology needs to be working securely all the time, no matter where you are. We can help you choose work with the best technologies that are available, manage cloud storage, provide reliable sync and file sharing, assess your cybersecurity, and provide strategic guidance that will eliminate frustration across your entire organisation. The long-term benefit is a reduction in costs, even including our costs, hence making you more profitable and more competitive.

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